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The reason why Korean ELF turn their back against Sungmin


While international fans express their happiness for Sungmin getting married, but not with Korean fans. I was only translating what appeared on my timeline. I got too ask few random korean elf on twitter if they are angry, and they said yes. they are disappointed at Sungmin. Why? Below is the reason.

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It’s bad enough that this is all happening.. so let’s just support each other at the moment instead of getting angry at one another and bashing every ELFs that feels so hurt about Sungmin’s marriage.. if it was your bias that’s getting married, you would have felt the same~ ELF FIGHTING!!! *fandom hug*

Permalink can’t say i’m completely happy for you.. but at the end of the day we’re all but just your fans and you are you.. congratulations and i hope you’ll be happier~ :) you deserve it.. <3 #VitaminsFighting
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